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About Us
Zhengzhou has yongfa machinery
Zhengzhou has yongfa mechanical production of sand making machine, high efficiency fine crusher, sand recycling machine, sand recycling equipment and other products, has been studying for years, to develop products suitable for customers to use.Henan province sand making machine, sand recycling machine, sand recycling equipment and other products, professional has many famous quality products.Products are exported to overseas, by new and old customers trust. 
High efficiency fine crusher is known as "(high efficiency sand making machine), fine sand recycling machine, sand recycling equipment is mainly used in the system of artificial stone, sand, highway, railway, airport, cement, refractories, metallurgical and other industries production quality and application of the best equipment.Is the national supplies the environmental protection department vigorously advocate and promote new products.

Zhengzhou has yongfa machinery is located in the China central plains hinterland, east neighbouring mall, zhengzhou, nine dynasties luoyang is in the west, in the north China 3 types: the old one thousand, south zhong songshan shaolin temple, northern song dynasty all previous dynasties imperial tomb zone, poet du fu's hometown, the northern wei dynasty treasures grottoes, snow hole created wonders.Open a high-speed highway near the, day and night longhai artery Mercedes, convenient transportation, economic prosperity, has a long history, merchants gathered in the right place, right time and three yuan, is the treasure of fushun societe generale do companies, bonanza.We wholeheartedly service for all people, warm welcome eight party elite.Let us sincere cooperation, hand in hand together, for mutual benefit and create great future, pioneering endeavor.Have all staff welcome your presence guidance!